the most used recreational drugs. Well, you can argue that it has been used widely for a while back too, but then it was illegal. While studies are still ongoing regarding the use of cannabis and fertility, some evidence already shows that there’s an existing relationship. 

Scientists argue that male cannabis users have a higher chance of having a baby with their female counterparts, as compared to non-cannabis users. While this might come out as surprising, the evidence behind it is convincing. On the flip side, researchers have equally found out that women who reported using marijuana had a higher likelihood of losing their pregnancy than those who do not use the drug. 

Another study was done between males that use cannabis and those that don’t show how those using cannabis had higher sperm counts than their counterparts. While the results of using cannabis in men might be promising, it isn’t a clear go-ahead for one to use it specifically to boost fertility. Thus, there’s a dire need for more research to help debunk any myths and theories associated with cannabis use for reproduction.  The use of cannabis during pregnancy is rapidly rising, even as scientists argue that its use can affect the fetus. In a recent study conducted in women who admit using cannabis, and got pregnant during the study, more than 50% went through a loss of pregnancy. On the contrary, 26% of the women, who had never used cannabis, did not encounter any pregnancy loss. Therefore, this study and several others conducted on women suggest that the use of cannabis among women may be directly related to worse fertility outcomes. However, the scientists working this study still argue that because only a few women in the study were active cannabis users, there’s a slight possibility that the results were due to chance. 

Switching gears to the male side, among couples where the man was a current user of cannabis, the chances of giving birth to a live baby was 48%. They compare this to a lower 29% chance of giving birth to a live baby, in couples where the man used cannabis in the past or not at all. You might wonder and ask if other factors affecting fertility were constant in this study. Well, yes, factors such as age, BMI, tobacco smoking history, ethnicity, alcohol use, coffee intake, and use of cocaine remained constant. 

Doctors in this current era are finding it difficult to advise patients who have constant questions about the reproductive effects of using cannabis. This is mainly due to the shortage of studies conducted over the same issue. As much as many would want to give a positive go-ahead answer, it isn’t easy to do so professionally, without sufficient evidence. Besides, cannabis use has been illegal for a long time, up until recently when it was legalized. This means that any research at all conducted on its use began mainly after the legalization. 

Doctors, currently, cannot recommend or suggest that men should use cannabis to boost fertility. This will only be possible after evidence beyond any reasonable doubt. However, if the current results are anything to go by, the use of marijuana for fertility boosting, especially in men, is soon to be a reality. 

The hope for those battling fertility issues is that cannabis should improve success rates with the treatment of this issue. Many of the men who have gone to get treatment for fertility concerns to argue that an alternative approach like the use of cannabis may as well be the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Nonetheless, doctors and experts in the cannabis niche still say that using marijuana will not destroy the chances of success with fertility treatment in men. It may not show any benefits towards the therapy per se, but equally, it will not cause any harm to an individual. 

Another limitation of the study above is that it was based on couples going through fertility treatment. Therefore, these findings may be inappropriate for couples trying to conceive without medical assistance. Whenever couples are trying to get a baby, then the sperm count matters a lot. And if cannabis has a chance of raising the level of sperms, then it would be a feasible option to use when trying to conceive. Also, an important note to keep about the study is that it only concentrated on those smoking marijuana, and not any other mode of use. 

Final thoughts 

While the progress made on the studies regarding cannabis and fertility is ongoing well, there’s more needed to settle the debate. Pundits argue that cannabis is a great option to boost fertility. However, scientists, on the other end, say that evidence is the only way to prove anything at all.


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