Following the legalization of cannabis, many scientists have been able to research the various benefits of its use. One of the more recent studies conducted on cannabis centered on its benefits towards sex. It has been a long known theory that having sex while high feels like a slice of heaven. Well, science aims at debunking myths and proving theories. So, here’s how cannabis improves sexual performance, according to scientific research:

By relieving anxiety

When you are anxious during sex, the chances are that you will not perform as you wish to. Medical marijuana is known to help alleviate stress and anxiety. CBD, to be more precise, has impressive effects on the reduction of anxious feelings. This is particularly the case since it has THC in shallow doses. And as you may already know, THC can induce anxiety in some individuals. Cannabis strains that have high CBD content in them can help a lot when you feel anxious during sex.

Offers pain relief during sex

This is mostly a trait experienced by females with vulvas. Cannabis can help reduce pain during sex, in this case, when it is applied topically to the vulva. It achieves this by cutting down on inflammation and improving blood flow. When there is a constant flow of blood, there will be an increase in sensation and pleasure.

Enhances the senses

For avid users, you will agree that using cannabis can make you appreciate stuff more. A sunset will look more appealing than it is, and a TV show will become more intriguing. This is the same effect cannabis has on sex since it will help reduce inflammation and reduce the pain one feels. This makes sex a whole new experience, like never before. Under the use of cannabis, everything you do while in the sexual act is amplified – from the simple kisses to the orgasm.

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Helps partners connect seamlessly during sex

Cannabis makes people free with each other and opens up before sex. Even when it is perhaps the first time for both of you to have sex, you will be more accessible and open after using cannabis. Sometimes you may hold back on some stuff without the help of cannabis.

Gaining a deep connection is an integral part of having sex, and can be the difference between a good and a whack performance. When you use cannabis, first, your inhibitions go down, and then the feel-good endorphins become active. This finally makes your cognizant alert to go high. What you will have with your partner after all of this will get you closer together. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having sex in a long-term relationship or a casual hook-up – you need to be comfortable with whoever you are having sex with. And cannabis helps you achieve exactly that.

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Helps to deal with inadequate lubrication

Some ladies have a struggle when it comes to getting wet during sex. Using a standard lube alone may work, but doesn’t do so thoroughly, unless with the help of cannabis. Most lubricant manufacturers, therefore, are incorporating CBD in their products to improve sexual pleasure even further. Topical CBD, to be more precise here, has anti-inflammatory effects, which make sex a lot more fun and exciting.

Improves the sex drive

Although limited research exists on this theory, there’s some evidence pointing towards the benefits of cannabis on sexual desire. It is argued that cannabis has a direct impact on the brain in terms of improving sexual desire. Most cannabis users found out that the use of this substance activates the brain’s part, which is in charge of arousal. Scientists have equally researched this topic and found out that cannabis may indeed help improve someone’s sex drive.

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Dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED)

Cannabis has worked to improve sexual performance and ejaculatory function in men for a while now, according to statistics from those undergoing ED. However, scientists still don’t have enough evidence that shows how cannabis can help deal with ED. The pieces of information available perhaps act as the primary proof that you can control ED using cannabis. One such information conducted after research shows how cannabis helps to relax blood vessels in the penis and improve the flow of blood. When there is an improved flow of blood to the penis, one can last longer during sex, and also cut down the effects of ED. It is important to note, either, that doctors are yet to test the effects of CBD on the penis entirely. Some studies, including one featured in the JCI Insight journal, show how a single CBD dose can help cut down on blood pressure. And as you may already know, reduction in blood pressure is significant during sex.

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In summary, cannabis has a great way of improving sexual performance between partners. However, more research should be done to confirm all the possible theories.


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