Understanding marijuana is perhaps the first step to using it responsibly. Initially, the use of marijuana was illegal, and using it would amount to arrest and even imprisonment. Today, many states/countries have legalized the use of this herb, and it has also been listed as a medicinal plant. While this might seem like good news to many cannabis users, it can spell bad news for some, who have little control over their use of drugs. It is so easy to fall into profound abuse of cannabis. However, with the right understanding, you will control cannabis and not the other way around. First off, it would be imperative to learn when you do cross the line – when you turn from a user to an addict.

Cannabis abuse

A person’s addiction to cannabis is diagnosable. The effects of an addiction may be adverse and can affect the quality of a person’s life. However, it would help to note that addiction to marijuana is like any other addiction. It all starts with a psychological dependence that can’t stop.

Using cannabis, in itself, isn’t bad. If anything, it has some proven health benefits. However, knowing how to limit your use and take it into your system, responsibly is the problem. Some of the effects of abusing cannabis include:

  • Impaired ability to learn new stuff and remember things.
  • Work-based challenges.
  • School-based challenges.
  • Legal-based challenges.

It doesn’t have to come to a point where you are an addict of marijuana and can no longer control its use. There is a thin line between drug use and abuse, which you need not cross. Some experts claim that the use of cannabis can lead to the use of even harder drugs. They argue that cannabis can be a gateway to further drug abuse. However, pundits in the cannabis niche beg to differ with this statement. The only possible way that someone can drift away from cannabis to harder drugs is if they are already in an addiction.

Statistics support the above statement, since a vast majority of teens that get addicted to cannabis end up using harder drugs at some point in their life. The reality is that you can use cannabis responsibly – it is possible. Here’s how to use this herb responsibly and avoid drug abuse:

Try dosing

The basic rule of thumb when using any drug is following a specific regulation or dosage. Don’t be hasty when starting on cannabis. Instead, go slow in the way you use it. Majority of persons that fall into deep substance abuse begin with a fast approach, rather than a collected, slow and calm approach. Be wise and start slow; there’s no hurry. You will find that using cannabis this way can guarantee its full benefits, and no negatives extracted from abuse.

Know your limit

Everyone has a tolerance limit. Be it stress, food, and now – cannabis use. It would help a lot if you knew what your limits are, as this will help you to stay in your lane all the time. At what point after starting to use cannabis do you feel overwhelmed. Is it after using one joint? Or is it after a few edibles? This is important to learn control. Again, if the use of cannabis possibly makes you feel distracted or tired, then you should reconsider using it when you need to be alert and active.

Use cannabis after work and school

Unless using it for medicinal purposes, you should try and use cannabis only after school and work hours. Conforming to the set workplace and school environment standards is part of being a responsible citizen. Nobody would want to have a stoned employee or student sitting in front of a desk. At least for ethical reasons, do not use cannabis during school and work hours.

Be cautious when using it with other drugs

Since cannabis has a synergistic effect when used alongside other drugs, it would be essential to check with your doctor whether or not to use it if you are under medication. You don’t want to experience the effects accrued from marijuana use while on other meds. Besides, why go through a predicament you can avoid?

Listen to positive criticism

Whenever person(s) advice you about your use of cannabis, take it positively. Do not be rebellious to constructive criticism, as it is impossible to be your judge. In your mirror, you might see yourself fine and not abusing drugs. However, it takes someone else’s opinion to paint a balanced picture. Well, not always will you get the right pieces of advice, but when you do, try and take them positively. It may be your only chance at realizing a red flag.


Now that you have the freedom to use cannabis, thanks to its legalization, control is crucial now more than ever. Drug abuse isn’t cool, and you need to avoid it all costs.


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