With more countries adding to the tally of those legalizing marijuana & hemp uses, people are beginning to weigh their options. Even though the legalization of marijuana in certain states only took place a while ago, industries dealing with the products have proliferated in quick succession. Most of them have even witnessed an abnormal growth trajectory in these recent times.

The legal acceptance of CBD oil continues to rise due to the intervention of in-depth research. Scientists share deep facts on the importance and medical prowess of CBD products. Nevertheless, what even is CBD in the first place?

Cannabidiol, or otherwise abbreviated as CBD, is one of the main cannabinoids existing in cannabis. Cannabinoids work together with the endocannabinoid system inside the body for treatment and relief. However, you should be able to differentiate between CBD and CBD oil. For newbies or starters, CBD oil is a phytocannabinoid oil gotten from the hemp plant. After extraction, the resulting product is used to create different CBD products, including capsules, balms, tinctures, and CBD oil. In some cases, professionals use CBD oil to refer to tinctures, which are some of the most popular CBD products.


These two belong to one family (Cannabis genus), but just like siblings, they differ in characteristics. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or popularly shortened to THC, is a psychoactive compound found in marijuana. It is responsible for the ‘cloud nine’ type of feeling you get when using marijuana.

Although both THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system, their effects differ. For instance, while THC makes one high, CBD does not, which means that the latter is non-psychoactive.

Generally, both products continue to get a lot of attention from the government and scientists – who argue on the importance. However, before using either product, you need to confirm the legality with your respective state’s laws. In terms of medicinal properties, both seem to share most of them equally. They work to alleviate pain and offer relief to different conditions. Nonetheless, THC products tend to have euphoric effects, unlike CBD. Here is a brief table showing the functions of THC vs. those of CBD.

Anxiety reliefAnxiety relief
Pain alleviationPain alleviation
Nausea alleviationNausea alleviation
Muscle reliefHelps to reduce depression
Glaucoma treatmentReduces migraines
Improvement of appetiteDeals with the inflammatory bowel disease
Dealing with insomniaHelps mitigate or deal with mental disorders
 Reduces inflammation
 Helps to control seizures

As you can see above, even though both compounds share a few similarities, CBD tends to lead in the medical benefits, hence its use for different modes of treatment.

When it comes down to the side effects, CBD tends to be a safer compound. This is because even in larger doses, the body can still tolerate the compound. Scientists and doctors argue that in case of any side effects while using CBD oil or any other related products, then it may occur due to a clash between the compound and other medications. This is why it would be best to seek your doctor’s advice before heading out for CBD products.

On the flip side, THC, being a psychoactive compound,has several side effects after usage. Here are some of the typical ones according to research:

  • Temporary memory loss.
  • An increased heart rate.
  • Reduced reaction times.
  • Problems with coordination.
  • Red eyes
  • A dry mouth.

Nevertheless, both compounds are safe, as none of the two has any fatal side effects. The only downside with excessive usage of THC is that it has adverse long-term psychiatric effects. This is mostly the case with adolescents who use it in large portions. Some of the mental examples include schizophrenia.

For drug testing, both compounds show presence in blood for several days and even weeks. However, not many tests reveal CBD. Most of them only reveals THC compounds present in the blood. One last take away note for CBD and THC is that marijuana tends to be more concentrated in THC, while hemp is highly concentrated in CBD.

How does CBD even work?

As hinted on earlier, CBD and CBD oils combine with the endocannabinoid system, abbreviated as ECS. This system maintains internal systemic balance or homeostasis. It is also the system responsible for essential functions in the body, such as appetite, mood control, sleep, pleasure, fertility, immunity, reproduction, temperature control, and memory.

The ECS comprises of the following three vital components, which have distinct roles in the body:

  • Metabolic enzymes.
  • Endocannabinoids.
  • Cannabinoid receptors.

When the ECS goes out of balance, CBD helps to tune it back. Sometimes, it goes out of balance due to injuries and diseases. Therefore, the CBD bolsters the ECS. Most people turn to CBD as an alternative treatment because of the lesser side effects it has. It also does not lead to addiction, like some of the other remedies.

How does one consume CBD?

As a newbie, you may be stuck at how you can consume CBD. Well, here are a few simple ways to use, as you can pick the one that suits you best:


This method tends to be immediate and offers short-term relief. The absorption takes place through the lungs during inhalation, and the effect is immediate. It is, in essence, the quickest way for the CBD to reach the bloodstream. The downside is that you will need to take additional doses due to the short period of its effectiveness.


CBD oil or tinctures, such as the big sky botanicals CBD oil tincture, Mana artisan botanic hemp oil, Receptra naturals pure hemp CBD oil, 4 corners cannabis oral tincture and charlotte’s web full strength CBD oil, fall under this category, and, are the most common forms of CBD usage. Here, you drop the oil under the tongue for about 20-60 seconds and then swallow the rest of the oil. You should feel the effects within thirty minutes.


CBD creams and lotions, such as the 1937 wellness CBD comfort cream, white fox repair remedy salve, vertly hemp CBD relief lotion, and the Lord Jones High CBD formula body oil, primarily help with specific conditions such as arthritis, inflammation, muscle problems, and soreness. This method gets into contact with the endocannabinoid receptors under the skin, even though it does not penetrate the bloodstream. This is an effective method for alleviating pains and can take effect within one hour. They typically last for around five hours. Other great options to use here include the big sky botanicals CBD balm and the big sky botanicals CBD soft gels.


CBD edibles are slowly becoming popular amongst users. In most cases, they exist as drinks and gummies.


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