Let’s face it – we all love our pets so much, and anything affecting them affects us too. For every pet parent, it is always a nightmare whenever you have to sit down and watch your loved one battling pain, anxiety, and even epilepsy. You almost wish that you would have superpowers and take that cup of suffering off your cute little pet. This frustration has forced most pet owners to do more research on CBD and its benefits to pets. At some point, you probably have found yourself in a fierce battle with your mind about Cannabidiol. Is it safe for my baby? Will my elderly dog benefit from it? Where can I get it, and which CBD product is right?

Luckily, you do not have to ask yourself all these questions anymore. At least not when you have the novel coronavirus nightmare to face. With the current restrictions meted on people due to COVID-19, the pressure to take care of your pet(s) can be overwhelming – and this is not your fault. Here we are as a world, struggling to stay alive amidst a pandemic that is slowly becoming endemic. On the other hand, your pet also needs your support and help to survive, literally.

Pets are very intelligent, especially dogs. They can sense when things aren’t right, and this can give them anxiety. If you thought that your pet doesn’t have a clue about what the world is going through right now, then you need to think again. An anxious pet will make you anxious too, and this is the last thing you need right now – to be honest. You could almost feel like you are losing your mind. However, put yourself together and stop worrying, as you have everything you need here. In this article, you will discover why purchasing pet CBD is the best decision you will ever make in this COVID-19 pandemic. Oh well, let’s get to it already, right?

It helps to treat different conditions in dogs

Giving your dog CBD products, such as healthworx, is reported to have the same effect as THC or just CBDin humans. It helps to tackle different conditions such as inflammation, nausea, anxiety, pain, noise phobia, loss of appetite, and epilepsy.

Pain in dogs is perhaps the best evidence of CBD oil working magic. Most pet parents that decided to try out CBD will confirm that it helped reduce pain in their dogs. This is in addition to reducing anxiety and immobility. Vets continue to research the benefits of CBD, and even marijuana in pets – dogs to be precise.

They are available in treats for dogs

When it comes to administering CBD for pets, and in this case, dogs, it would be best if you chose a treat. This will be more palatable for the dog, and interesting to eat. Verma farms have one of the healthiest, yet tastiest CBD treats for dogs. Their products are made from organic hemp, and this makes them an ideal pick for your cute one.

Different forms are available, depending on your preferences

At this point in the market, different CBD products exist not only for humans but also for pets. As hinted earlier, there are oils, snacks/edibles, and even CBD tinctures. While all of them can work in the same way, it all comes down to picking the one that suits your cute friend most. For newbies, or even those who want to learn more about CBD, here are some helpful tips:

Know the potency

How powerful is the product you are buying? Knowing the potency by checking the product specs can help you know whether it has little or no THC present.

Check the ingredients

You don’t want to purchase a CBD product, only to find out later that it has some harmful compounds present. You want to avoid any hazardous additives at all costs. This may include herbicides or even heavy metals. For the best results, make sure you seek advice from the vet, read labels well, locate reputable manufacturers, and get an organic product.

Keep tabs with your vet

Even though most of them are still skeptical about administering CBD prescriptions to our non-human companions, it would still be imperative to shed light on what you are giving your pet, and how much of it you are administering. This will help in case of any eventuality. Besides, you don’t want some nasty side effects on your dog, which you probably didn’t expect. Your vet can give you substantial advice on what to give and what not to give your cute little loved one.


In summary, now is the time to make that important decision and help your pet lead a healthy and happy life.


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